Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

With Don Peyote taken by ALEPH, with the Consulate office deck of the Baijing orbital station under Haqqislam control, with the Indra 3 Echo Commodule secured by Ariadnan Forces and Tohaa troops taking over Shanqiang light frigate… a new vision of the blockade unveils before our eyes.

The Raxora Assault Carrier arrives at the Wotan operations theater, right at the weakest most discoordinated momentum of all human defenses, the intimidating presence of the biggest Combined Army ship in the area freezes the Human Sphere for an eternal moment. Humanity is vulnerable, their systems have been compromised, security is at its lowest and the aliens know this.

An instant thought comes to the minds of those who can see beyond the tiny meaningless acts of aggression: All this may have been part of their plan. All this envy, all this greed, senseless pride, all these human behaviour was orchestrated by them.

For some reason the blockade defenses seem to malfunction before the presence of the CA Assault Carrier, this is the climax of a well executed manouver. If humanity cannot stop the Raxora, it might cross the gate and allow the Combined Army to reach deeper into the Human Sphere!

As Suicide_Baby says to his commrades: -“Stand with me or not, I will be leading the charge into Raxora again and again.” Boarding the Alien spaceship and “deactivate the hell outta their immunities“ seemed the logical way to go, when there’s no time, no resources and no one else to trust than your brothers in arms.

The opportunity window is obvious to every man with a gun in Wotan. The Nomad commercial legation is vulnerable, the Exo affairs orbase is vulnerable, the secondary office deck in Baijing is vulnerable, the Ilik business deck is vulnerable, the SCC and Link Comm decks at Indra 3 are vulnerable. It’s the golden hour for all intelligence operatives to strike in the heart of their enemies.
As Hugo DelToro, Black Hand Operative comments: -”It’s f*****g christmas!!”

And above this whole painting of chaos, ambition, greed and hidden agendas a new element emerges silently. The tohaa crew of the Daraani Board Corvette watch the scenario on their systems, communicating with subtle vaarso pheromones, in silence… like if they knew long ago that this was going to happen.


  • NavyCalcro2449 says:

    Oh man… Talk about a SHTF scenario… No matter how hard we tried or well we coordinated, a united front was never possible… As was the plan all along

  • Cibili says:

    It’s a shame that all those veteran commanders still doesn’t understand that unless united, no number is greater than “one”!

    – Kartal ‘Agha’ Karabekir
    Pasha Group Security Division
    Deputy Managing Director

  • Archon says:

    Two points to the whole campaign – more fluffwise:

    Why should two factions fight in the territory of a third faction? I know that this has to be done for the sake of a campaign where all players free to play what and wherever they like,
    but it makes not much sense for ariadna and aleph*) to fight on la forja for example. It makes more sense to that ariadna fights the nomads there. Surly you can say, aleph wan´t to take proof of something what going on there and ariadna would like to press on the nomads for controlling their cargo bays and suddenly they face each other an open fire – erm. Hey I´ve seen your troops shot at neo terrans on the haqqislam rock – attack! 😉 I would like it if players should only fight vs. the owners of a battle thatre.

    What is the point with the terrain feauteres? Why does debris, flood and zero-g not give a malus to the ordinary troops? The are unaffected, makes no sense fluffwise.

    *) these are only examples, no politics please 🙂

  • Yasashii Fuyu says:

    Well would you look at this…I guess with Yu Jing in control of 1 area of the Shanqiang…and Tohaa in control of another area of it…this somehow ends up as “It belongs to Tohaa”? Well isn’t that nice…

  • tomcat2k4 says:

    now worries people, we just have to drive the Don Peyote back here and crash it into the CA carrier 😀 😀 * ALEPH out

  • Luisjoey says:

    Human sphere relies on us to defend it, since we are the hyper power and the aliens will get RETRIBUTION!


  • JJ.konko says:

    Lets take down the common enemy.

  • Husker says:

    We knew this was coming,
    yet fight each other we did,
    The Combined army will perish if we strike together.
    Set aside your arrogance Knights of Santiago,
    Put away your wasted words of Accusation Yu Jing,
    The time to strike as one is nigh.
    Or One will be none.

    حظا طيبا وفقك الله
    hza tayibana wafaqak allah

  • Suicide_Baby says:

    Raxora will be destroyed, Ariadna will have to answer to the O-12 for their crimes against humanity, and everyone will thank PanO for saving them.

    Mark my words.

  • Numiria says:

    Let’s take them out of our galaxy! For the Human Sphere, For Humanity, For the Hyperpower!


  • Umgrimm says:

    Let Yu ying lead the factions to victory. Follow our lead and humanity will survive. Fight with honor.

  • sir coke says:

    We will not let the apes of space and their henchmen of the stars of the stars pass us over, all humanity is ready to stop them and ariadna will win victorious of this to the end

    no dejaremos que los simios del espacio y sus secuaces de lagartos de las estrellas nos pasen por encima, toda la humanidad esta lista para detenerlos y ariadna saldra victoriosa de esto a el final

  • Alexander Wallach says:

    #ThreeTheTohaa !!! No regrets just fight!

  • S Y lP lH 3 lR says:

    #ThreeTheTohaa ..!.. :P..

  • Jandrus says:

    No greed in the brootherhood. We will strike a falcon punch in the face of EC. Humans united never defeated!

  • Minos says:

    One word: RETRIBUTION.
    We PanOceanian will kick alien asses back to their f*** galaxy… That’s Infinity, not Star Wars!

  • Minister_of_Truth says:

    Let the jackles snap up what scraps they can. All true sons and daughters of the human sphere stand in it’s defence. Sepsitor security protocols are in full effect. All boarding personnel must have their cubes deactivated.

  • Amrod says:

    Watch out with those CA lovers, those Ariadna sons of Dawn… traitor o the humanity!
    Know we need to repel the Alien invasion.

  • Gimli_219 says:

    #threethetohaa for victory against the combined!

  • 8obman says:

    Interesting times!

  • Darkilian says:

    Time to kick sone alien butt!

  • Del S says:

    ALEPH can pretend all they want. We have exposed their misinformation campaign for the standard parcel of lies it is. The Don held.

  • cazboab says:

    Exo is a lot less vulnerable now….

  • Testudo325 says:

    So much fun! Charge!

  • Envihon says:

    And this is why Haqqislam has put aside such petty things to take the fight to the Combined Army. We will not just roll over. We will unite humanity and take down these intrusive aliens.