Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign


As we head to the final weekend of Phase 2 and while we board the hype train for what might come with Phase 3 (on July 10th) the activity at the Wotan blockade brings new excitement to the Campaign. Let’s have a brief faction update:

PanOceania– The Hyperpower is aiming at the most intimidating and ambitious possible goal: to really dominate more locations on the blockade than any other faction has ever made. For such objective, they have pointed at Don Peyote, the spaceship of the second biggest faction. In terms of efficiency they are behind Nomads and the other possible contender: ALEPH. But such margin is NOT a problem for the overfunded Blue Army. This giant actually CAN do it and the prize is not just defending Humanity, it’s showing who’s boss to all known species.
On the diplomatic level, some propaganda efforts were made in the form of Operation: Meredith, an obvious attempt to infiltrate the Nomads in front of O-12, ALEPH, Concilium convention and some “facepalming” alien species.

Prominent figures on the PanO chain of command like Minos & Commoner1 are making remarkable efforts for getting a few extra medals on their chest.

Yu Jing– After losing dominance over their current two locations… Phase 2 hasn’t been a bed of roses for the Yu Jing faction. At some point, with morale at it’s lowest, there were even some Japanese voices calling for insurrection. Pointing fingers and blaming the highest ranks was the way to go for those in doubt and despair, but when the salty and delicious tears were over, it was time for true leadership to happen: Operation ONIGOKKO became the channeling tool for all that fast & furious Yu Jing anger. Showing the demon face to their enemies and claiming for the Jade Empire pride that rekindles hearts to the valor. So, finally Shanquiang at its worst has bringed Yu Jing back in track. Definition of reaction.

Brave commanders like Tiamat and Primo are great examples of pure relentless Yu Jing courage under fire.

Ariadna– Direct and solid, that’s the image of Ariadna as a faction in Wotan. The Indra 3 Mobase Echo Commodule is where the action against the Combined Army has happened during Phase 2 and for, some reason (probably their resistance against sepsitor), the Ariadna Security Detachment have delivered their A game in front of a nightmarish enemy.
No fancy weaponry is needed when you have commanders like Dabicho And AnrianX on your side.

Haqqislam– The healthy and reliable high command of the Sword of Allah continues with a undeniably successful campaign. Solving conflicts with wisdom and pure faction efficiency. A enviable combination of luck, strategy, leadership and intelligence has bringed them to a pressureless zone with no dramatic final push needed for heading into Phase 3 with total confidence in being able to overcome any possible drama.
We mention Tenskwa tawa & Vounchiz as righteous men among those who are blessed.

Nomads– Between a rock and a hard place, between the biggest possible rival and the eternal ultra determined foe, that’s the Nomads situation right now. With Don Peyote becoming the focus point of all the expansionist ambition of some and pure painful priority of others, Nomads have to deal with a never ending wave of attacks with no other objective than dominate their ground. If PanO takes over “the Dong” they will achieve the “dominating image” that they are looking for. If ALEPH takes over the Nomad location they will balance the loss of the Echo commodule by conquering their old enemy’s sovereign territory. There is no easy way to get out of this other than stand still, clench the teeth and show those opportunists what Corregideroneans are made of.

All Nomad Bros are badass but today we point at Morgante, Estugon, and Morganstern as the ultimate nitrocaine muddaxxxxxs out there.

ALEPH– The AI has a clear objective: Don Peyote. It is not just enough to leave the Nomads fighting against PanO, for some reason ALEPH wants that piece of the cake. So we have here a 3 horse race that will bring victory to the faction that keeps the pressure until the last moment. A canvas for greatness. Necessary greatness that ALEPH needs to keep their chin up and making the loss of the Echo Commodule at Indra 3 an almost invisible, almost intentional loss, part of some kind of long term strategy coming from a superior intelligence.
Anyway, the second smallest faction is facing two giant massive opponents and no signs of exhaustion are shown, probably due to its lack of humanity. Respect.

Some Deva Functionary will applaud the efforts from Commander Rhett and Commander Vanyarma if they were able to feel any kind of emotion, but that fact will be indexed on the next huge data backup somehow.

Combined Army– The efforts of the Evolved Intelligence had been essentially focused on the Indra 3 Mobase Echo Commodule, the ALEPH location, wich is currently dominated by Ariadnan Security forces. Analysts have exposed the theory that this move by the CA might have the intention on infiltrate some kind of hypothetical “Trojan Horse” on the ALEPH data systems. Activity has been disturbingly quiet as the known EI beacons have received constant transmissions from beyond human reach. As some PanO military officer commented on the concilium corridors: -”These bugs are up to somethin’…”
Spy drones were able to collect some images that show some kind of “notable presences” among the creatures identified as Dorrance and Jamusino and labeled by the high command as “Priority objectives for elimination”.

Tohaa– One of the greatest achievements of the smallest faction on this campaign happened during Phase 2 when the Tohaa did took over Shanqiang and, once there, established a solid dominance on the location. That miracle, that impossible flash of greatness is now facing the last hours of battle. Yu Jing has made a major come back and seems to be prepared to smash the Tohaa resistance. If the Tohaa are able to keep the pressure until the end of Phase 2 the miracle will become History and the names of the Tohaa heroes will become worthy of being written in the Wall of Daatharen, for the most determined among the brave.
We sing with pheromones the names of Cothel and RAF as those who bring justice to the Tohaa cause.

As the fog of war still blinds the eyes of humanity for future events, the tensions around the Wotan blockade have not yet reveal any significant result. Any faction still has chances of painting up this canvas of history with their colors.  We can just congratulate ourselves, because the uncertain is still upon us.
“May you live in interesting times”

Have a great weekend.


  • sir coke says:

    Ariadna, she will get the best she has to win this campaign, and she will be the winner, before someone else can get her some points.

    ariadna, sacara lo mejor que tiene para ganar esta campaña, y serala ganadora, antes que algun otro logre sacarle algo de puntos.

  • Anthony says:

    Uno mas o uno menos que mas da 300 o 400 pts

  • Tanath says:

    Nice work ALEPH! Now we just have to keep pushing forward into phase three and make history 🙂

  • tomcat2k4 says:

    nice update, I hungry for phase 3 🙂

  • Vandraven says:

    I love reading these updates.

  • Minos says:

    Indeed, no need to conquer anything, for we’re already the only Hyperpower!
    We are on humanitarian duty in Don Peyote!

  • Numiria says:

    Great update on the situation.

    But PanOceania is not here to conquest, but help Humanity defend herself against invaders, proud and healthy!

  • SeerK says:

    The Nomad Terrorists and their allies will feel the long reaching grasp of the Hexahedron

  • Melkiach says:


  • Morgris says:

    Yu Jing crimes will be exposed. Baijing will be the key to showing the Human Sphere the true face of the Jade Emperor.

  • Deadlyocean says:

    We gonna take Nav.Deck.

  • RAF says:

    #ThreeTheTohaa 😀

  • Luisjoey says:

    PANOCEANIA it´s at peyote as shown of Humanitarian AID we are not conquerors but liberators from Atek Tyranny at Peyote and alien presence. Also we are enforcing the banning of the use of T2 weaponry that makes LA FORJA colapse! we are making an extended guaranty to the peyote freighter… remember who sold to the nomads.

    We are protecting the life of citizens of the human sphere, that makes bitcoins and cheap spacefaring labor, if not why are we protecting from the humanity?


  • sir coke says:

    “May you live in interesting times”

    Hahaha that reminds me of a disco world book that I’m strange hahaha


    “Que vivas en tiempos interesantes”

    jajaja eso me recuerda a un libro de mundo disco que extraño soy jajaja

  • Hakuna says:

    We’re just doing our jobs at INDRA-3, per O-12’s order.

  • Dabicho says:

    Hei mum! look! im on the internet!

  • AikasMX says:

    Proud to be meteorhead!

  • *Reads comment on Haqqislam* Aw shucks! Now you made me blush!

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    #ThreeTheTohaa ..!.. :P..

  • WargameHub Ariadna says:

    For Dawn!

  • Nazroth says:

    I just love the way you mentioned Nomads. Eternal kudos and salutations!

  • Minister_of_Truth says:

    Yu Jing will rise like the phoenix, Those who doubt the Jade Empire will be consumed by the flames of our assent.

    Thanks for the Update! 😀