Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Welcome to Phase 2

Events happen, conflicts explode and lifes are taken at the Wotan blockade. After the climax intensity reached at Sygtir One and La Forja Mobile Shipyard, the situation enters in a new timeframe.

The Wotan gate sparks with activity as soon as reinforcements arrive at the area. The Nomad Ship “Don Peyote” brings hope to the Nomad Nation and, while the heavily damaged mobile shipyard crumbles into darkness, the Corregidor units swear for vengeance and looting.

Not far away, the opulent Baijing Orbital Consulate transmits an almost indecipherable message that offers the structure as a support resource for Yu Jing units and posible allies-for-sale.

Calm is gone inside the Indra 3 Mobase Echo Commodule as all systems begins to increase their activity, reboot their assets, ignite a million lights and bring ALEPH operatives back from their conciousness limbo.

Stakes are higher. Phase 2 has begun.


OOC: Information Only for Players.

Phase One was considered a “first contact” experience. A beginners approach to what the campaign is going to be. Now we know the power of each faction and the intensity that a single theater can take.

The advantage margin for the current faction locations is now much subtle. This means that during Phase Two we Will probably witness more “location conquering”.

During the campaign, the factions Will receive private information through their “Faction Liaisons”. Secret objectives Will be given to the players and by achieving those objectives the factions Will collect Campaign Points that will be crucial for victory at the end of the whole campaign.

More information soon.
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