Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Totally off character post.
Wotan Campaign Corvus Belli Announcement.

Hello, This is Carlos “Bostria” at CB Studios.
I would like to communicate to all of you that we are enjoying “Strikezone Wotan” a lot. We are watching your progress and we still have a few surprises for you.

The second stage of the Wotan conflict is approaching. Next Monday June 19th is the last day to report battles and score points on the current locations. Then, Phase 2 will happen and it will bring new locations and missions, ground zero in certain spots of the map. An opportunity to bring glory to your colors.

This message is to communicate something interesting for all factions: We need to contact every faction Liaison.

PanOceania, Ariadna, Yu Jing, Nomads Haqqislam, Combined Army, ALEPH and Tohaa have to choose a Commander of their faction and that person must contact Corvus Belli writing to:

That chosen commander will be our link with the faction. We will share privileged information with that person and some of that info is just for their faction.

Also, that person will help us to follow all the steps and achievements of the players, so we can follow the track and process all the huge amount of feedback that this event brings to us.

Good luck this weekend with your missions.
Have a nice day.